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EDUCA International, o.p.s.

Educa International, o.p.s. is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in order to provide beneficial services for the public aimed at education and development of human resources support of qualification and further education of pedagogic staff organization of internships for students, young employees, teachers and trainers.


Our Services

Educa International, o.p.s. under the foundation letter administrates the below mentioned tasks:

Erasmus internships for Czech university students in  foreign companies and institutions

EDUCA International, o.p.s. is highly interested in European Union’s projects. Educa consortium has been established in 2008 and it associates with various universities in order to organize the internships for university students within the program ERASMUS/internships. Recently the consortium has 22 members.

Erasmus internships for the future language teachers at foreign universities in Czech primary and high schools

In order to support the method of teaching foreign languages at primary schools and high schools, Educa International, o.p.s. cooperates with universities abroad and seeks students – future language teachers who are interested in applying for the practice placement in the Czech Republic. The very first test for teachers took place last year and next 10 future language teachers (English, French and German) are coming to our schools in September 2012. These foreign interns work for free and their placement in Czech Republic is funded by the EU budget. The exact amount of money is allocated for the Erasmus program/internships for  their mother universities.

Educa International, o.p.s. has received the grant ESF for funding the international project “Second Chance School” in 2012.

This project has been established based on the Decision of granting No.: OP LZZ/5.1/77.00165, published by The Ministry of labor and social affairs within the Operating programe of Human resources and employment. The project focused on young people without any qualification, thus transfer of innovation to gain professional skills. The project was conducted with 3 Swedish partners.


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