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Foreign students in CZ

  • Have you ever wanted to live abroad and experience a foreign culture, meet new people and learn a foreign language?
  • Have you ever thought about enriching the period of your studies and having better opportunities while looking for a job in the future?
  • Have you ever dreamed of completing an internship abroad, to learn co-operative work?
  • Have you ever heard that life won’t be the same after Erasmus?

There is no doubt left that mobility of workers and trainees plays an important role in creating new job opportunities and improving the chances to enter in the European labour market. The International mobility experience is now considered as a new non formal education opportunity for people to gain new experience and new personal and professional skills and thus to promote their social and professional career.

  • Are you interested in a practical placement in the Czech Republic?
  • Are you studying in a Bachelor´s, Master´s, or a Doctoral Study Program? Or are you a graduate?
  • Does your University participate in the Erasmus+ program?
  • Do you want to gain new experience and spread your qualifications?

New power, information and experience…

You can gain a lot …

New views…


We are a non-government and non-profit organization that provides internships in the Czech Republic.We will find you a suitable organization/firm according to your needs and professional specialization. Our services are free of charge

Several steps you should take:

1 – Contact the International Office of your institution or Erasmus Coordinator – they will be able to inform you about the conditions to participate in Erasmus+

2 – Fill in the Practical Placement Form

3 – Send the completed form together with your CV to our e-mail:

We will contact you and offer a suitable organization/firm to you.


Contact us for further information: