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Traineeships for teachers and employees of Universities

The Educa consortium may also send university teachers that are members of the consortium to teach at partner universities abroad for up to five working days, with the Erasmus+ grant.

University and college employees may also participate in trainings, Staff Week at universities, training in companies, and institutions abroad for a maximum period of 5 working days through the Erasmus+ grant.

In this academic year the consortium again obtained grants for placements for teachers and employees. They may apply for a grant through the Erasmus coordinator at his University (or college), where they obtain all the necessary information and the application to participate in the mobility on the budget of the consortium. Given that mobility is implemented at partner universities with which individual members of the consortium have concluded bilateral agreements Erasmus, it is not possible to provide an offer educational programs or internships the consortium EDUCA. There is an exception for employees, because employees can participate in training at other institutions, ie. in companies and organizations, or even at universities with which it has no relevant college bilateral agreements Erasmus. Such offer will be provided when Erasmus budget funds are available.



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