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Our new Erasmus+ KA2 project CisU

At the first pre-kick-off meeting there was a brief overview and further steps will then be discussed at the kick-off meeting in Austria. Together with our partners MAD for Europe (Spain) Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja (Poland) and bit schulungscenter innovation (Austria) we are working on cultural awareness and understanding among young adults with disabilities. We are looking forward to the upcoming collaboration with a great project team.

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Traineeship Bingo

Your graduation date is aproaching … Do you already know what to do after your graduation? What about trying Erasmus+ Traineeship for recent graduates? 

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Erasmus+ Traineeship Offer

📣 Agifodent NGO in Granada is looking for a trainee/-s
⏰ Traineeship duration: min. 2 months
📩 CV and cover letter in es/eng

More information:

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Get inspired

📢 What if I had decided not to go on Erasmus? ❓
👇 Read and get inspired 🌎💡🛄🎒

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The Europe Day

On Monday 9th May 2022 we are going to celebrate the Europe Day.
Where are you going to celebrate? 🥳
👉 Praha – Střelecký ostrov ➡️
👉 Brno – Moravské náměstí ➡️
👉 Hradec Králové – Krajský úřad ➡️

For more information visit

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Alumni Meet Up Sweden 12th May 2022

We are pleased to share this information about meeting in Stockholm in Sweden

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Happy Easter

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What financial support do I get from Educa International?

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St. Patrick´s Day in Cork seen by trainee Jan

A recent graduate of Charles University (Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové) Jan Toman, participates in the Erasmus+ Traineeship at the APC Microbiome Institute na University College v Corku in Ireland.

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Participate online in the Round Table – Preparation of the Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of Europe

3rd February 2022 from 9.00 to 16.15

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Are you watching the online international conference today?

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Erasmus+ Traineeship Offer at Brussels, Belgium

Call for applications: EUROPEUM’s Brussels Office is offering traineeship positions from March to July 2022. Deadline 1st February 2022.

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Educa International is looking for a Trainee

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Educa wishes you Happy New Year 2022

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Educa wishes you a Merry Christmas

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Final Report for project KA2 DROPS number 2019-1-CZ01-KA202-061404

Educa International submitted a Final Report for KA2 project DROPS 2019-1-CZ01-KA202-061404. You can find final result ‘Summary of Principles for Teachers’s Work with Students’s ‘ on our web pages free to download as well as other information in the section Projects Erasmus+/DROPS.

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Final Report for KA2 project EXPROM number 2018-1-CZ01-KA204-048116.

Educa International submitted a Final Report for KA2 project EXPROM number 2018-1-CZ01-KA204-048116. You can find final result User Guide for Trainers of Second Chance Schools on our web pages free for download as well as other information in the section News.

User Guide for Trainers of Second Chance Schools

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Dissemination of the EXPROM project

Dissemination activities of our partner institutions within the KA2 project EXPROM číslo 2018-1-CZ01-KA204-048116.

EXPROM_dissemination materials from partners

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Meeting in Radovljica, Slovenia

On Monday 29th August 2021 four employees of Educa International participated in the Final Meeting of the KA2 Project EXPROM number 2018-1-CZ01-KA204-048116 in Radovljica, Slovenia. We finished the final documentation and last payments, evaluated our work and discussed the possibilities of the dissemination of the project.

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Meeting for partners of Educa International

Educa International organized a meeting for its partners on Thursday 25th November 2021 at Metropolitan University Prague. Among the participants there were Erasmus+ coordinators of smaller universities and new participants from universities/higher educational institutions. Some of our colleagues could not take part due to current situation, unfortunatelly.

The following themes were discussed:

– Documents needed for Erasmus+ mobilities (study, traineeship, teaching, training)

– Information about traineeships realised with the financial support of the Educa consortium (interactive map)

– Lump sums for the Call 2019 and Call 2020 within the Erasmus+ Programme Countries

– Mobilities to Great Britain and Northern Ireland until 31st May 2023 and later

– ICM and possibilities of financial support from the Educa International

– New programme Erasmus+ 2021 – 2027 and new administrative rules, new possibilities of mobilities

– Mandatory health insurace for trainees (for students as well from the Call 2021), possibilities of usage insurance ERAPO including the liability insurance This meeting was concluded by the Exchange of experience and discussion. Thank you for attending this meeting, thank you for your active participation within the discussion. We would like to give a special thank for our colleagues from the International Office MUP for helping with organizing this meeting.

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Historically the first Staff Week


Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice hosted the first Staff Week ever, which was prepared in cooperation with Educa International from 9th October till 11th October 2018. It was focused on the motivation and barriers of the Erasmus+ program. Participants were representatives of Slovak and Czech universities and higher vocational schools.

During the three-day Staff Week, intensive debates were held on Erasmus + themes. The participants exchanged informations and experiences they had gained in implementing this program. After identifying school problems, workshops took place to prepare a draft of measures to be implemented to improve student motivation and activity, thereby raising awareness of this international program.

One part of the program of this event belonged to the graduates of the host university who came to present their organizations and at the same time to discuss the possibility of providing internships for both Czech and Slovak students. Based on joint discussions, we can say that students are not aware of what Erasmus offers them and what benefits they should have in their professional lifes. Nowadays, international experience is highly valued by employers, and Erasmus participants have a large PLUS compared to non-experienced students.

Staff Week was, from my point of view, very inspiring and motivating for all participants. The joint debate concluded that not only public but also private schools are experiencing the same difficulties as the institutions themselves, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The biggest problems include low student motivation, badly set credit system between partner schools, low awareness and lack of foreign academics.

In my opinion, it´s the reason why it is very important to organize this type of meetings, because participants can influence each other positively, while at the same time strengthening partnerships between the actors of the two countries. Because the Erasmus+ itself is exactly about that.

Author: Simona Dermeková

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For students

Consortium Educa uses its wide range of contacts throughout Europe and the number of internships is growing every year. Internships can be completed in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, possibilities are in all countries involved in the program. Students and graduates have the opportunity to find internship abroad by themselves and apply for a grant from Erasmus+ for its implementation.

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Traineeships for teachers and employees of Universities

Newly consortium Educa may send also teachers of universities that are members of the consortium to teach at partner universities abroad in the range of five working days, with Erasmus+ grant. The same is possible with Erasmus+ grant for employees of universities and colleges to participate in training or a Staff Week at university or training in companies and institutions abroad for a maximum period of 5 working days.

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Admission of foreign students

Educa also focuses on accepting trainees from foreign universities who are interested in gaining experience in the Czech Republic. We focus on the future teachers of languages and other courses and these students teach in Czech schools (primary, secondary and nursery) mostly English, German, French and Spanish. Foreign students are coming to Educa thanks to contacts with universities in EU. Foreign trainees receive grants from the budget of Erasmus+ ,from their universities, and Czech schools, or other companies so that they don´t have any expenses. Foreign trainees are very popular and international internships are a good way of acquiring multicultural insight to Czech companies or schools. A foreign trainee knows the workings of his/her own country, and may open up new paths to markets there for Czech companies.

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