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Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ in Prague, the Czech Republic

Read about other Social Media Trainee in EDUCA International, who participated in her Erasmus+ Traineeship in Prague.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ in Paris, France

A recent graduate of Faculty of Arts Charles University Prague participated in the Erasmus+ traineeship in the Slovak Institute in Paris.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at ForPeople – Human Resources Experts, Athens, Greece

A trainee Dominik Maršík, decided to go to Greece, Athens for a traineeship at the department of Telecommunications.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ in Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy

Lucie Kerlínová, a recent graduate of Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové took part in the Erasmus+ Traineeship in Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy in the department of gynecology and obstetrics clinic.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ in Neurorehabilitation Clinic in Ancona, Italy

A recent graduate of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague, Pavel Bohatý took part in the Erasmus+Traineeship at the Neurorehabilitation Clinic in Ancona in Ancona, Italy.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Klinikum Klagenfurt, Austria

A graduate of Charles University – Medical Faculty in in Hradec Králové , MUDr.Pavel Petraš, decided to go to Austria for a graduate traineeship at the Department of Urology in Klinikum Klagenfurt, Austria.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Frazer Dental, Ireland

A graduate of Medicine Faculty UK in Pilsen, MDDr. Denisa Pospíšilová, decided to go for her Erasmus+ Traineeship to Frazer Dental in Ireland.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Whispers Magical Children Hospital and Maternity, Uganda

A graduate of 2. LF UK, Kristína Rousová, decided to go to Uganda for a graduate traineeship at the Whispers Magical Children Hospital and Maternity, Uganda.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Clinicum Chemnitz, Germany

A graduate of 1. LF UK, Martin Vereš, decided to go to Chemnitz in Germany for a graduate traineeship at the Chemnitz Clinic, Department of Radiology.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Clinicum Chemnitz, Germany

A graduate of 1. LF UK, Kamila Šurkalová, decided to go to Chemnitz in Germany for a graduate traineeship at the Chemnitz Clinic.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute, Cyprus

Dominika Kňazovická, a recent graduate of Czech University of Life Sciences decided to go for the Erasmus+ Traineeship to Cyprus. 

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Educa International o.p.s. Prague, the Czech Republic

Two sisters Yaroslava and Anhelina, students from Ukraine. They did an Erasmus+ practical Traineeship at Educa International, o.p.s in Prague.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Educa International o.p.s. Prague, the Czech Republic

Emma Stašáková, a graduate at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia, decided to come to Prague for the Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Educa International o.p.s. Prague, the Czech Republic

Justine Gault, a student at La Rochelle Université in France, decided to come to Prague for the Erasmus+ student practical Traineeship.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship+ at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria

Jana Frojdová, a graduate at University Karlova in Plzeň, decided to make a traineeship in beautiful town Linz in Austria.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship at Klinikum rechts der Isar der Technischen Universität in Munich, Germany
Student of Faculty of Natural Science, Charles University in Prague Viktor Lebruška took part in the Erasmus+Traineeship in Germany.

Erasmus+ Practical Traineeship in MOQAUS Program of L’ Institut Agro Montpellier, France
A recent graduate of Faculty of Tropical AgriScience of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague Ek Sreaykhouch took part in the Erasmus+Traineeship in France.

Graduate internship – APC Microbiome Ireland University College Cork, Ireland

A recent graduate of Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Hradec Králové Jan Toman took part in the Erasmus+Traineeship in Ireland.

Graduate internship– The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Almería, Spain

A graduate of Czech University of ife Sciences Prague, Eva Hrúzová, decided to go to Almería in Andalusia for a Erasmus+ traineeship for recent graduates at the dry areas Experimental Station.

Teacher mobility – Dare2Succeed, Timisoara, Romania

„Proactive lecturer approach, interesting program – sharing experiences of project managers of other universities and countries. Improvement of English, renewal of project vocabulary. Financial expences correspond with provided service. It is worth going.“

Graduate internship – České kulturní centrum, Paris, France

„Thank you for the possibility of graduate internship and for further extention. The intership was a huge benefit for me and a perfect career start.“

Internship – Husqvarna Group, Jönköping, Sweden

„Big advantege of the stay in Sweden is not only getting better in english, but also learning basic swedish in course for the foreigners, which was for free and twice a week for three hours. Based on mutual satisfaction I extended my Agreement for another 6 months. During the period I led projects focused on cost decreasing at the warehouse, I got to know new colleagues and learned new skills in goods storage and logistics. The internship was very positive. I really liked it at Husqvarna Group and was happy there. This finding is one of the reasons why I extended my contract for another 6 months with possiblity of permanent employment.“

Graduate internshipFarmacia Piga, Cagliari, Sardínia

„Thanks to my interest in italian culture, italian language and everything connected with Italy, it was my dream during my pharmacy study to experience a job at pharmacy for some time at this country. I had no idea how easy that can be – thanks to your organization. From those 2 months I have plenty of experiences from pharmaceutical environment, but of course, also outside of it, too. Except  of pharmacy we visited the biggest workplace of drugs distrubution in Sardinia, where we could see the whole process from pharmacy order, preparation of the order, loading to car and distribution, where everything needed to be on time, because supplying half of Sardinia isn ´t very easy. We took a couple of boat trips. I learned italian „on the go“ at the pharmacy, but also thanks to Erasmus OLS online course, which helped me a lot with grammar. The owners of the pharmacy suggested that me and my friend can come back anytime, as employees. We keep in touch even after the end of the intership.“

Internship – The Europaeum, Oxford, United Kingdom

„Without exaggeration I must say that it has been the best 2 months of my life so far. This is also confirmed by the fact that I returend there – at the same company – once again for a few months. Oxford really grew to my heart and I won´t let go any opportunity to be able to get back there again. For this decision I will be grateful forever, as for every day that I´ve had a chance to live working abroad. It has really been an inspiring experience that taught me a lot and from which I will profit until the end of my life. But as the experience is nontransferable, I would like to recommned to everyone (who is at least considering it) to take a chance, as I know they won´t regret it. Even if it would be just for an excellent career opportunity that will be shining bright on your CV years after your return.“

Internship – Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland

„Two months in Finland can be described in one word – surprising! The city Tampere enchated us with its peace and friendly citizens. After the first days we came to realize that what they say about Finns is not true at all. In addition to the great work opportunity we also got to know finnish culture, that we could compare – e.g. work customs, public transport system and nutrition. We would like to recommend to every student to go for the working internship, because of the undeniable advantage – you don´t have to extend your study in Czech Republic as the internship can take a place during the summer holiday. Moi, Moi!“

Internship Domov svätého Jozefa, Ivanka pri Nitre, Slovakia

„As my first destination I chose Slovakia, because after studying for my finals I could not force myself to study languages. I chose Domov svätého Jozefa v Ivanke pri Nitre. Here I spend mornings with elderly ladies who live there. I could spend my afternoon in chapel in front of shrine with Tabernacle. After work I thought how beautiful morning I spent with the elderly, who with their attitute to their age, life destiny and to approaching end to their lives can encourage and enlighten others and make their day better. Then I thought: „What about I enter the monastery?“ I found out that time in the monastery and the church brings me inner peace to enjoy the company of others. It was a moment of knowledge of my calling, to live in the world and bring peace, comfort and joy that I get from within. Without this experience I still thought about entering the monastery. The internship helped me by experiencing a life in the monastery and practice in St. Jozef church to make direction of my life clear. I am very grateful for my internship. Thank you very much for opening the world and traveling.“

Internship – Integrative Kindertagesstäte BBW – Kita „Schützstrasse“, Lipsko, Nemecko

„I am very glad that I could attend the internship even though I was worried about the language barrier and that type of the practice work is different than my study area. In addition to major improvement in foreing language I have learned a lot of that I can use both in my personal and professional life.“

Internship – MVI Promind GmbH, Wolfsburg, Nemecko

„My working internship lasted for 3 months. As the firm is closely linked to Volkswagen A.G., I worked as an external employee for Volkswagen. During my stay I got to know how the company works, I learned about company culture and collected information that allowed me to work well on all submitted tasks. I would recommend the working internship to everyone. Not only you can practice your language but you will also learn new information you can profit from in your professional life. In my free time and during weekends I tried to travel and get to know my surroundings. I would like to say thanks to my university and Educa International, o.p.s for provided support.“

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