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Meeting for partners of Educa International

Educa International organized a meeting for its partners on Thursday 25th November 2021 at Metropolitan University Prague. Among the participants there were Erasmus+ coordinators of smaller universities and new participants from universities/higher educational institutions. Some of our colleagues could not take part due to current situation, unfortunatelly.

The following themes were discussed:

– Documents needed for Erasmus+ mobilities (study, traineeship, teaching, training)

– Information about traineeships realised with the financial support of the Educa consortium (interactive map)

– Lump sums for the Call 2019 and Call 2020 within the Erasmus+ Programme Countries

– Mobilities to Great Britain and Northern Ireland until 31st May 2023 and later

– ICM and possibilities of financial support from the Educa International

– New programme Erasmus+ 2021 – 2027 and new administrative rules, new possibilities of mobilities

– Mandatory health insurace for trainees (for students as well from the Call 2021), possibilities of usage insurance ERAPO including the liability insurance This meeting was concluded by the Exchange of experience and discussion. Thank you for attending this meeting, thank you for your active participation within the discussion. We would like to give a special thank for our colleagues from the International Office MUP for helping with organizing this meeting.

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