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For students

Consortium Educa uses its wide range of contacts throughout Europe and the number of internships is growing every year. Internships can be completed in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, possibilities are in all countries involved in the program. Students and graduates have the opportunity to find internship abroad by themselves and apply for a grant from Erasmus+ for its implementation.

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Traineeships for teachers and employees of Universities

Newly consortium Educa may send also teachers of universities that are members of the consortium to teach at partner universities abroad in the range of five working days, with Erasmus+ grant. The same is possible with Erasmus+ grant for employees of universities and colleges to participate in training or a Staff Week at university or training in companies and institutions abroad for a maximum period of 5 working days.

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Admission of foreign students

Educa also focuses on accepting trainees from foreign universities who are interested in gaining experience in the Czech Republic. We focus on the future teachers of languages and other courses and these students teach in Czech schools (primary, secondary and nursery) mostly English, German, French and Spanish. Foreign students are coming to Educa thanks to contacts with universities in EU. Foreign trainees receive grants from the budget of Erasmus+ ,from their universities, and Czech schools, or other companies so that they don´t have any expenses. Foreign trainees are very popular and international internships are a good way of acquiring multicultural insight to Czech companies or schools. A foreign trainee knows the workings of his/her own country, and may open up new paths to markets there for Czech companies.

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