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ExProm in Finland

On June 9th, EDUCA visited the project partner Vaasan Yliopisto in Vaasa, Finland. The team had a short dinner on Sunday to prepare for the week long workshops and cultural events hosted by Vaasan Yliopisto.

The week started of early on Monday morning, right away the team had a classroom session regarding Open University provided by Reeta Kungsbacka and Eeva Kuorikoski from Vaasan Yliopisto. Open University is a educational program that allows anyone to sign up for classes. If they meet a certain number of credits they can be used towards a degree. (visit this link to learn more:

The next session held was a workshop on Service Design provided by Maijastiina Jokitalo, this workshop introduced the country teams to understanding the importance of well tailored services. Check out the pictures below and see the presentation provided by EDUCA staff and how they plant to simplify the process of applying for an internship. 

On Tuesday, June 17th, the team had the opportunity to meet other agencies that Vaasan Yliopisto, partners with. The visit was held with the Public Employment and business services office. EDUCA had the opportunity to learn about the services and methods of working with unemployed people with academic degrees.

Later that day the team visited the Kvarken Archipelago, a world heritage site. Don’t just take our word check out the following pictures to see for yourself.

On the final day of the visit to Vaasan Yliopisto the team learned about the importance of Digital Pedagogy. There is a big shift in the way people obtain education and its important to adapt and meet the challenges. The team learned about how to handle online sessions and provide carefully curated digital content. It’s important to motivate, activate and include students when providing digital content.

Paivi Borisov, showcases the tools used to create digital content for online courses.

Check out pictures of all of our participants receiving participation certificates.

EDUCA, kindly thanks Pia-Liisa Äijö and Leena Lehtola along with the entire team at Vaasan Yliopisto for helping organized a wonderful event.

The ExProm project consortium is composed of five diverse organizations throughout the European Union, EDUCA International o.p.s (Czech Republic),  Ljudska universe Radovljiva (Slovenia),  Vaasan Yliopisto (Finland), Centro Publico de Education de Personas Adultas Miguel Hernandez (Spain), and Social and Health Education Project (Ireland). Each organization has a strong and proven track history of providing services within the field of adult education and a firm commitment to addressing the evolving challenges in the areas of outreach, motivation, and guidance. During host visits the host country will invite 10 non traveling staff members to participate in training, workshops, and field work. This is an opportunity to exchange knowledge regarding best practices and to learn about the methodologies used.

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